What we do

Custom Quantities specialise in sourcing, manufacturing, and importing quality products from China.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we source only the best products for the hospitality and residential sectors.

 We are experts in the following products:

  1. Case goods

  2. Decorative lighting 

  3. Upholstery

  4. Bespoke furniture

  5. Custom Signage

How are we Different?

Saving big companies, big money, on big projects.

How do we do this?

  1. Fabrication costs – We fabricate any product to your specification from our factory in China, saving you huge costs on fabrication in Australia.

  2. The bigger the quantity, the better the price.

  3. Translators, flights to and from China. Our team on the ground completely cuts out this cost.

  4. Business to business provider. Our products come directly from the factory floor, loaded onto the ship, and delivered straight to your door to suit your construction schedule.

We know the best factories that produce the best products. No stone is left unturned when it comes to ensuring our products are of the absolute highest quality. Brian Nolan, Head of Operations - China, is present for every step of the manufacturing process right up until the cargo ship sets sail. Having built such a strong relationship with the factory owners and engineers over the last 7 years he can communicate effectively with them to ensure everything runs exactly the way it should.

Our service

When the time comes to do business;

  1. We review your FF&E schedule along with the quantities take off.

  2. Come back to you with our price.

  3. When you are happy, place an order with us including a fully detailed specification list.

  4. We will go through the specification list in detail to make sure nothing is missed.

  5. When the specification list is finalised, the manufacturing process can begin.

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